Investment Loans

Investment Loans:

Whether you are an experienced investor or looking to buy your first investment property it is essential that the loan structure and products are right for you. At BLS Finance we take your individual needs into consideration. Are you looking to buy an investment property that you will eventually turn into your home? Are you looking for an interest only loan whilst you focus on paying down your personal residence? If you have multiple properties do you want to have these with the same lender or diversify? Do you have a deposit saved or wish to use existing equity from your existing properties? Do you have the time to go through every offering from multiple lenders? At BLS Finance we simplify this process for you. With our panel of nearly 20 lenders and hundreds of loan products, we can talk with you to find out your specific needs and then recommend the optimal solution to meet them. Any preferences you have will be factored in. There may be lenders you specifically do or don’t want to include in the recommendations, or features that you do or don’t want. Let us do the hard work for you and set you on the path to owning your next investment property.